Today's new item - Kimono shoulder bag for every day

ショルダーバッグ、鞄、Kimono Shoulder Bag

After finishing new items, I sometimes wonder which is the best. But I realize I can't pick up only one because all of them are very special with unique textile and color.
I put the title "Kimono Shoulder bag for every day" for today's blog. There are various reasons what makes the bags one and only. For these bag, it is the elegance of Shiozawa Tsumugi and Oshima Tsumugi. Recently we made a clutch bag with ring handle from Oshima Tsumugi. Today we make three shoulder bag. Two bags are made from the same textile as clutch bag, Oshima Tsumugi. And another bag is made from Shiozawa Tsumugi. The Shiozawa Tsumugi is well known as the high end textile in Japan. We introduced a Shingenbukuro from Shiozawa Tsumugi in the shop. And the Shingenbukuro sold out in no time.

All three bags are made of original Shoken silk. It's extremely light with simple shoulder strap.

-01- Shiozawa Tsumugi shoulder bag

The bag is made from men's Shiozawa Tsumugi Kimono. Shoken silk is fully used and very light weight. A large zipped pocket on the front body.

Also men's Doura ( lining of kimono body ) in green is used for liner and piping. The dark green matches the navy Kimono well.

-02- Oshima Tsumugi shoulder bag (Large)

The bag is made from men's Oshima Tsumugi in brown. Inside pocket is very useful for organizing.

Men's Doura is often very colorful while women's Doura is in red or white mostly. Textile of men's Doura is usually thicker than women's and durable.

-02- Oshima Tsumugi shoulder bag (Small)

Same Oshima Tsumugi Kimono as above but the size is smaller. Total weight is only 115g. Just simple and beauty shoulder bag from vintage Oshima Tsumugi.

It's very compact and provides high usability for every day activities.

I hope you like our new items. Please check it out at our shop.