Today's new item - Summer is calling! Ojiya Chijimi handbag

着物バッグ、Ojiya Chijimi Kimono bag

Rainy season has just started and it's been raining almost everyday. But summer is coming soon...Today we made two handbags from Ojiya Chijimi Kimono. Ojiya Chijimi is made of ramie in Niigara region in Japan. Its traditional method had been developed based on Echigo Jofu during Edo period. The bright color looks very good on Ojiya Chijimi's unique wrinkle.

We introduced recently few items from Kimonos made in Niigata.Shingenbukuro from Shiozawa Tsumugi and Shoulder bag are our latest work.

Our new items today are just perfect for upcoming season.


Round bottom bag

I was thinking about how people spent the summer season 100 years ago. Were they standing the heat of the hot summer in Kimono with Uchiwa fan? During unsewing Kimono, I was thinking the Japanese traditional culture. The big flower is a lovely accent on the body and bottom. Ojiya Chijimi is every inch an excellent craftsmanship.


Handbag with bamboo handle

Thin and firm textile of Ojiya Chijimi and bamboo harmonized perfect. Big and small flowers enhances the beautiful fabric in scarlet. If you are looking a handbag being combined old and new, this bag is perfect for you.