Work at atelier - Smartphone bag for traveling

How the artwork created in the atelier fits into everyday life... As an extra part of the introduction to Himizuya's artwork, we present a trip to London. Previously,travel with Goshuincho has been posted. But now, I would like to show you inside my trip with my phone purse and clutch bag!

Buckingham palace

After arriving in London, I headed straight to Buckingham Palace. It's a sightseeing spot you can't miss! Although it was a weekday, the avenue leading to the palace was full of tourists.

There had been a lot of rain during the last few days, but it happened to be sunny at this time of the day. I couldn't help but take photos of the scenery, which you would never see in Japan!

Shoulder bag with patterned silk Kimono

The smartphone bag is very useful for excursions during the day. I took some Himizuya artworks with me on this trip to London, but this bag is the one I always carried with me. I use it with my smartphone and cards stored inside. (Stored in the handmade card holder, of course!) The UK is such a cashless country that I feel like I don't need anything as long as I have my smartphone with me. Train travel and shopping can be done with a smartphone. I feel safer carrying my valuables in a bag like this small bag, where they feel close to my body, rather than in a big purse.

The bag itself must of course be lightweight, as it is carried all day long. It can be used without any fatigue, even if you don't have to switch from one shoulder to the other. Depending on the material, it also has a smooth surface that is resistant to even the slightest dirt. When you try to prepare a travel bag, you tend to end up with an outdoor kind of bag, but this one fits perfectly with casual clothes for walking around town, and is really useful.

A clutch bag is more convenient than a smartphone bag when you want to carry a bit more stuff. I swap my bag depending on where I'm going. On this particular day, I packed a folding umbrella and a bottle of drink and headed to the West End Theatre. (Umbrellas are essential in London...)

The Sondheim Theatre, with its breathtaking canopy, can seat around 1,000 people, and it was full again for this evening's performance. The dramatic stage show drew me into the story and the three hours flew by!

Clutch bag with hollowed silver handles

Even when travelling abroad, it's important to enjoy your own personal style of fashion! Shiny and padded bags are perfect for theatre-viewing. I took this clutch bag with silver handles in a different design with me on my trip. As there is limited space for hand luggage in the theatre, it is good manners to keep your belongings compact, but of course the bag is also very comfortable to carry.

How do you like the daily life of Himizuya's artworks? I would definitely like to make use of the experience I gained from this project in the creation of my future works.
How do you use Himizuya's artwork?