All Handmade
Designed And Made
In Japan

Our Work

The vintage textiles we use were actually worn 100 years ago. We also have some Kimono which have never been worn.

All Kimono and Obi have individual history. Kimono may have some scratches and the color may not be shiny enough as it should. But we see how much the people of that time loved their clothes and we believe that is the value of vintage textiles.

The cutting edge design at that time is still the best even today. the handbags from vintage Obi with gorgeous embroidery is just timeless beauty.

Skills x Ideas

All products are made by certified dressmaker. We create high quality and stylish products.

Once we come up with a new idea we make a mockup instantly. The masterwork can be made from a random inspiration sometimes.

We are also passionate to make knick-knacks like as puppet and flowers etc. which make your life a little bit brighter in any seasons.


We are very happy if you are satisfied with our product. Let us know your feedback.

Then, you are right with us. Please look out the gallery for more information.