Our Work At Atelier

Gallery No.1


Sukiya Bukuro is a small bag with which you can carry essential goods like as Sensu (Japanese fan) or Kaishi paper for a tea ceremony. It's our signature products. You can put in whatever you want. Not only Japanese tea utensils.

Gallery No.2


Silk, wool, tie dyeing and many different textiles are use for our Shingenbukuro. Thanks to such unique character of Kimono our Sukiyabukuro are now one of the bestseller besides Sukiyabukuro.

Gallery No.3


Various combinations with color and textile are possible to make handbags. Mostly we got an inspiration from its texture or pattern. We shape it into whatever it can be.

Gallery No.4

Multi-use case

We use mostly the front collar of Kimono for making small items like as multi-use case. You can complete your style by picking up the same multi-use case as your favorite Handbags.