Today's new item - Natsuobi clutch bag

着物 ハンドバッグ

Following handbags from white summer Obi which we posted recently (Sukiyabukuro andHandbag) we created another bag today. This clutch bag from summer Obi (Natsu Obi) has metallic hollow handle. The shiny handle adds gorgeous glow to the clutch bag.

We've released several clutch bag in the shop and the clutch bag from Natsu Obi has the same standard design. You can replace the silver chain by longer shoulder strap if you like.

You an enjoy the textile and summery look of "Sa" Obi. (If you wonder what is "Sa" please read our recent post!) Your style will be completed with the Natsu Obi clutch bag for the summer.

You can find our more in our shop. Please check it out!