Today's new item - Handbags from white summer Obi


Our new item for today is handbags from summer Obi. The Obi we used is categorized into "Sa" textile and worn usually in the summer. "Sa" is characterized by its grid shaped pattern and see through. Obi itself has firm texture.

We've been working on more and more summer Kimono & Obi. Many summer clothes have bright color and very energetic.

– 01-

Mini handbag from summer "Sa" Obi

H18 x W16 x D10 sized small bag. You can discover the sophisticated beauty of white simple obi. A magnet closure is attached and it helps you to organize your belongings.
The liner of bag is upcycled Fukuro obi in white. You can see the skillful craftsmanship of original obi.


Handbag with ring handle & organizer

H20 x W14 x D10 cm sized small bag with ring handle. The handbag above has the handle being padded & wrapped by the same textile. But this handbag provides completely different impression with ring handle. It produces more summery look. A small organizer is attached.

The white summer obi will make you feel more cool in the summer...?! Would you try it?