Today's new item - Unique white Shiro Oshima turns to Shingenbukuro

信玄袋、Kimono, Shingenbukuro

We handle a lot of kimono as we work on upcycling. Some textiles became very rare with the passage of time. I thought that kimono is always near by even the time has been changing but I found the value of Japanese culture which has been developed craftsmanship and industrial high technology regarding kimono textiles.

As we introduced some Oshima kimono, it is characterized by dark colored textile. Today, we'd like to show you something new! This is Shiro Oshima (white mud dyeing) Shingenbukuro.
(Please see our productmade by Doro Oshima (mud dyeing)

Oshima Tsumugi textile being dyed by white mud of Oshima region in Japan gives very unique look. It's like beige and looks a little bit gray. The pattern of textile is very elegant timeless. We made the Shingenbukuro with a new cutting pattern and the finished item is larger than existing item ( available in our shop). The beautiful Shiro Oshima is fully used and you can impress your friends with your new Shingenbukuro.

We made two different designs. One is with piping, another is without piping. We used "Hakkake" (gussets and collars of kimono. There are eight pieces in total. (In Japanese 8 = 八Hachi) We call it therefore 八掛). Sometimes, people uses the opposite color of Kimono's body for Hakkake so that they can emphasize the chic styling. We picked pale and dark blue for the Shingenbukuro.

– 01 –

Shiro Oshima Shingenbukuro with piping

– 02 –

Shiro Oshima Shingenbukuro without piping

You can find the details in our shop. Please check it out!