Today's new item - see through handbag from Haori & Natsu Fukuro Obi

着物ハンドバッグ, Kimono Handbag

It looks like just a simple handbag by judging from the picture. But the vintage black Haori Coat and White Natsu Fukuro Obi&nbspare combined and it creates see-through effect.
"Monsha" textile has weaved pattern and the textile itself is rather firm. The balloon flower has fine drawn thread work on it. The Natsu Fukuro Obi in white which is used as the liner of the back can be recognized through Monsha obi from outside.

Both in & outside is integrated and the bag can hold the firm shape. Especially the see-through effect is recognizable when the sunshine hits the handbag. You may think the bag is too simple in black but the combination of summery textile gives the very elegant impression. You can feel the beauty of Monsha see-through bag.