Work at atelier - Upcycling bringing out 100% of the material's original appeal


Continuing on from our last blog about Goshuin pilgrim,we would like to introduce another work on the theme of Goshuin.
In upcycling Kimonos and Obis, regardless of whether they are Goshuin bags or not, we try to bring out the best in the materials.
This includes not only the no-waste use of fabrics, but also the combination of materials, colors, patterns, etc. The result is a one-of-a-kind upcycled work of art. We hope you will take a look at the details of each piece when you pick it up.

The motif of Goshuinchobukuro (bag) we produced this time is a tiger jumping out of a bamboo bush, and we tried to find a way to incorporate this beautiful Suiboku-ga (ink painting)-like pattern into Goshuinchobukuro. For handbags, the lid is the face of the bag, which determines the impression of the product, so we consider it very carefully. For small pieces such as small purses, the size and pattern of the materials used are also limited, so we need to be creative.

竹藪 虎

We thought it would be a good idea to keep the image of a dramatic tiger, so we placed a tiger on the lining of the lid. Although you cannot see it from the outside, every time you open it, you will feel as if the tiger is vigorously leaping at you.

We use Oshima Tsurugi Akinabara ( bamboo basket pattern)  Kimono for the outer. It is shiny and smooth to the touch. The calm appearance, which is the complete opposite of the dynamic impression of the lining, also made this Goshuinchobukuro charming.

If you have yet to find a Goshuinchobukuro that you like, please take a look at Himizuya.