Work at atelier - Pilgrimage of Goshuin


The cold temperatures are still bearable in February, but the other day I went on a Goshuin pilgrimage with my favorite Goshuincho bukuro. In the pandemic, most of Goshuin are handwritten and left in advance, which I felt was somewhat disappointing, but recently, an increasing number of shrines are offering to have their Goshuin written in again. I am more and more motivated to make the Goshuin pilgrimage.

In fact, however, it is quite difficult to visit several shrines in one day, so in the end, I enjoyed this Goshuin tour at a slower pace while sightseeing on my trip.

桜 Sakura

I headed out to the south a little bit, and luckily the cherry blossoms were at their best. I saw many foreign tourists enjoying Sakura.

Sakura season is so nice after all!

By the way, it was not only Japanese who were making the rounds of Goshuin...there were also foreign visitors eagerly making the rounds of Goshuin! I wonder if it is like a stamp rally. It is a joy to be able to share Japanese culture with visitors from abroad. Corona pandemic is finally coming to an end, and I hope that many foreigners will come to Japan again and enjoy the beautiful traditional culture of Japan.

Himizuya can be of some help too...