Today's new item - Sukiyabukuro and Shingenbukuro reflecting the winter season


This winter has been bitterly cold. Whenever I see the words "strongest cold wave" on the news, I feel a bit overwhelmed. It's cold, but at night, when I look at the snow falling in flurries, the lights of the falling snow seem to glow in the dark with a bluish glow.
While looking at this view, I was working on 'unravelling' the kimonos from the other day in the workshop, when I found a kimono with a snow pattern that is perfect for this season. An Edo komon kimono from the mid-Showa period, exactly the snowy scene I see from the window!

I immediately set to work. The snowy landscape, glowing blue in the dark, was expressed as it is in the artwork.

- 01 - Shingenbukuro / Gassaibukuro

This is a popular piece for both men and women, and can be used as a purse or phone for a short stroll or outing, or as a bag-in-bag for both Japanese and Western clothing. (For other pieces, please see Gallery on our website.)

- 02 - Sukiyabukuro

The Edo komon is said to have five different types: shark, gyogi, tooshi, shima and Daisho arare (large and small arare).

I was impressed once again by the unique sensitivity of the Japanese, who have been capturing a piece of natural phenomenon, designing it and dying it into kimono. The combination of modern, chic colours and snow patterns will make you feel the tranquillity of a deep snowy day.