Today's new item - get ready for the summer with Shiozawa Tsumugi shoulder bag

本塩沢紬飛柄 斜めがけ鞄

I hope the summer festivals will finally come back in this year! I really miss the loud spark in the night sky in the summer.
I guess many people started to plan the vacation in the summer already. Hoping that I could encourage the exciting trip more with the upcycling items I made four new shoulder items.

When we talk about shoulder bag it will be often like the bag for outdoor or sports use which is sometimes "too" casual and doesn't fit your chic outfit. While usability is essential but it doesn't mean that design can't be sacrificed for it. At the end, I realize there is no shoulder bag which really fulfill all of my requirements. Besides the lightweight is absolutely necessary if you carry the bag all day long.

– 01 –

本塩沢紬飛柄 斜めがけ鞄

Hon-shiozawatsumugi Tobigara Shoulder Bag

The bag is made from Honshiozawa textile Kimono with Juxtaposition pattern from middle of Showa era. The outside pocket has the piping in plum made from Komon Kimono. We made recently Juzu Bukuro from the same Hon shiozawatsumugi Kimono.
If you're looking for something different this bag will be perfect for you.

– 02 –

本塩沢紬飛柄 斜めがけ鞄

Hon-shiozawatsumugi and Kanoko Shibori

The bag is made from the Hon Shiozawa Tsurugi kimono in mauve. Finished with the piping being made from the same color Kanoko tie dyeing Kimono.
The bag is well balanced between casual and traditional style.

– 03 –

塩沢紬 斜めがけ鞄

Shiozawa Tsumugi with green shoulder belt

The bag has a useful outside pocket and embellished by the green piping. The Kimono being used for the body and piping are originally Men's Kimono. The upcycled shoulder bag became versatile and is made for everyone.

– 04 –

塩沢紬 斜めがけ鞄

Shiozawa Tsumugi with navy blue belt

The most simple and sophisticated design among four bags. You can see craftsmanship in the details. The bag is for those who love orthodox and timeless beauty.