Today's new item - Shiozawa Tsumugi & Kanoko tie dyeing handbag


As we received an request from one of our customer, we made a new handbag from Shiozawa Tsumugi and Kanoko Shibori Kimono. The bag has a compartment and functional to organize the belongings.

The body is made from firm textile of Shiozawa Tsumugi Kimono. And soft Kanoko Shibori textile is cut out between the Shiozawa Tsumugi. The handle is reinforced with the belt tape and feasible to carry books, files and magazines. The lining of the bag is blue Thai silk and gives an elegant impression from inside.
The handbag's design matches not only Japanese traditional outfit but also any other outfit in casual scene.

Traditionally the width of Japanese roll of cloth is 36 cm width and you can't cut out enough width if you want to make a bag of DIN A4 in landscape. Therefore, I came up with the idea to insert the piece of another Kimono to extend the width.


By inserting the Kanoko Shibori and combine both different features of Kimono, the bag was finished elegant and unique.