Work at atelier - Handbag in Usunezu gradient

着物 切り替え手提げ袋

In the middle - Culture of ambiguity

Lately the temperature goes up like summer and down like winter every few days, and I think our planet is already broken...Picking up the right clothe in the morning is somehow challenging. I actually really like the "middle" season like Spring and Autumn. Especially Japan has four beautiful season and I believe Japan is very abound with the nature compared any other countries. Considering the Japanese unique Kimono culture has been adopted through these four seasons and developed in many years, it might be possible that such kind ob ambiguity originated from the sensitive middle season people lived in. Japanese people don't make it clear whether it is right or wrong. I believe it's because people know the Beaty of the ambiguity.

While thinking about something new spring item, I came up with this Usunezu (light mouse grey) gradient Kimono. The pattern is very unique and so is the Obi by wax drawing method (Rouketsu dyeing). I think both are presenting the Japanese ambiguity culture very well. (Handbag with wide gusset and pocket is also available)

切り替え手提げ袋 数寄屋袋

Now the global warming has been progressing. I'm worried that the beautiful four seasons or even the earth will be gone soon?
There are not many things I can do to stop the climate change, still I'll continue upcycling of Kimono and Obi for sustainable future.
(Perfect combination of Handbag & Sukiyabukuro)