Today's new item - for the coming of age day


I saw some new adults walking in the city with Furisode last week. I felt somehow very happy while watching them. I almost forgot how my coming of age day many years ago...but I guess, I should have had some special feeling and hopes for becoming new adult. (Don't ask me how may years ago..)

I was very surprised when I saw the Kimono which new adults put on. It looked very traditional pattern to me which was popular in Showa period. I thought young people would wear more fashionable Kimono in terms of pattern or color. Maybe the new adults I saw on the street had special taste still, the Kimono looked very good on young ladies.

Thinking about the fresh new adults, I made the clutch bag from the Obi with vermilion crane. This Obi (Vermilion Crane) introduced in previous blog. On the Sukiyabukuro we could place only one crane on the back, however we could cut more larger part out from the Obi, now you can see white and vermilion cranes on one side. It fits perfectly for the new adults going through life milestones. Hopefully it can remember you of your special day even after a few years.
If so, I would be happy!