Work at atelier - Goodbye to phoenix

着物リメイク ハンドバッグ

We almost used all textile of this Obi from Showa era (around 1960). We've made one handbag and Sukiyabukuro before, and both are sold out immediately after we released them in the shop. (Thank you!) Now only some part of the original Obi are left and we've been thinking what the last item would be with this beautiful gold phenix. Finally we decided to make one more handbag just like as first one.

The Phoenix looks very energetic on the front and back side. It seems almost flying out from the bag. Since we cut out 2 phoenix from the Obi, the bag makes very elegant but also powerful impression. Now we used the Obi completely until last piece. No textile is left...

Do you see the difference between 1st and 2nd handbag? The handle of new handbag is made from the same textile as front Obi.

1st handbag - the handle is wrapped with the textile which is also used for the gusset.
2nd handbag - Flat type handle made from the front of Obi.

The Obi like this from Showa period is very hard to find today. We're very happy that we could implement the upcycling of the gorgeous gold Obi.