Today's new item - vermilion crane & autumn flower's Sukiyabukuro

袋帯数寄屋袋, Sukiyabukuro

The temperature has been getting milder and the autumn is coming day by day. We've been thinking about some new season's item and we found the perfect Fukuro Obi for the Sukiyabukuro from Showa period. (around 1960) Both Obi seems to be worn 50 years ago on celebrative occasions. They are just perfect for Hare no Hi.

– 01 –

Shuaka Tsuru (vermilion crane)

This is my personal favorite. I really like the beautiful patten of crane flying up. We place a crane in the middle of back side. The Sukiyabkuruo is made from Fukuro Obi and looks really chic in gold and vermilion.

– 02 –

Kikkō Akikusa (hexagonal pattern & autumn flowers)

The design of calm autumn flowers gives very elegant impression. The pink gold Obi is very shiny and enhances the original design of Fukuro Obi.
Using the silk lining in pink, the Sukiyabukuro has a perfect appearance.

Vermilion crane's energetic motion or calm autumn flowers, which do you like? Both are now available in the shop. Please check it out.