Hakata Kobukuro Obi Handbag

Today's new item - Hakata Kobukuro Obi Handbag from classic Showa era trend

The Fukuro Obi or Nagoya Obi are generally 30 cm width. "Kobukuro Obi" which we used for this bag has a half width of typical Obi's width. The Obi is made in Kyushu island in Japan and this kind of "half sized" Obi was very popular in Showa period (around 1960). We created Hakata Kobukuro Obi Shingenbukuro recently.

We stitched the Obi and transformed it as the full width Obi. The Fukuro Obi has usually different pattern in back & front side. That's why the bag looks half divided after stitching it together. The Obi has fringe at the each side of the edge. We wanted to reuse it rather cutting if off. We created side pocket on the backside which is covered by Obi's edge with original fringe. We finished the bag with a silver handle and it makes the bag shiny and elegant.

In addition to the handbag, we could create two Shingenbukuro, one wallet, 1 Goshuincho bag by upcycing. We're very satisfied with each item.

We have only a couple of weeks in 2021, but we'll continue making upcycling items as much as we can! Pleas check out our shop!