Today's new item - Stripe or border? Hakata Kobukuroobi Shingenbukuro

博多小袋帯信玄袋, Shingenbukuro

The beauty of upcycle is that there is no fixed pattern. You may create whatever you like with any kind of materials. We made a Shingenbukuro from Hakata Kobukuro Obi today. "Kobukuro" Obi has a half width of general obi and weaved in ring shaped. Therefore, what we had to do is to cut off the both side and open the clothes. The original Hakata Kobukuro Obi has the border pattern but we decided to use it in vertical design, too.

Shingenbukuro with stripe pattern looks very modern. You can't even imagine that it was made long time ago. Another Shingenbukuro with border reminds the original Obi very much.
Stripe or border? Which Hakata Kobukuroobi Shingenbukuro do you like ?