Work at atelier - Shiozawa Tsumugi made through cold winter


The more you learn about the Japanese traditional clothes, the more you'll like it. We'd like to introduce the Sukiyabkukuro made from Shiozawa Tsumugi which was never worn. It's "sleeping kimono" in the closet and new as it was made about 50 years ago. Would would have worn this Kimono back then. I can't imagine.

The navy color matches very well to the elegant appearance of Shiozawatsumugi. You'll fell satisfied if you own even a part of original Shiozawatsumugi.
We picked up the lining in the blue and both in & outside is unified.

You can hardly find the original Shiozawatsumugi which is made 50 years ago. You'll find sooner or later the real beauty of Shiozawatumugi once you have it.
I hope you can feel it through our new items. Please check out the shop!