Today's new item - Similar but different!? Shima Oshima Handbag

Shima Oshima, Kimono, Handbag

Do you think these bags are identical? We made two handbags from very unique Shima Oshima Kimono.
The original kimono we used is so called "Nibu Shiki Dōchūgi" (two piece rain suit) from around 1965. The checked kimono in dark navy is timelessly beautiful and makes perfect autumn style as a handbag.


Shima Oshima Handbag with compartments

We made compartments in the bag and used a red zipper for the pocket. In addition there are 3 inside pockets. This bag isn't just pretty. It's very functional, too.


Shima Oshima handbag with zipped cover

It looks similar but the bag has a zipped cover. The length of zipper is considered for the maximum width of the bag. The bag has no compartment and it'll be perfect for you if you're looking for more storage.

Do you think it's just a small difference? Tell us which handbag you prefer... And don't forget to check out our shop!