Work at atelier - The beauty of upcycling. Oshima mixed handbag

着物トートバッグ, Kimono hand bag

The Kimono being used for the handbag were Doro Oshima (brown mud dyeing Kimono) and Shiro Oshima (white mud dyeing Kimono) which we recently created some items.

This bag is absolutely the beauty of upcyling. It realizes what upcyling supposed to be. All textiles we used for the bag were waste of clothes which we originally used for another bag. We collected the waste and put them all in this Doro & Shiro - Oshima handbag. Doro Oshima and Shiro Oshima itself are actually very valuable textile and expensive. I can't imagine to wear or use these two Kimono at the same time. It's just too luxurious. But, the Oshima mixed handbag became achievable and available because of upcycling.

The combination of brown and white give the bag very good looks. I really enjoyed making the bag since I knew that the bag is going to be vey special with its upcycling concept.

As for the bag itself, I used the firm lining for the bag in order to maintain high-quality looks. For the inside pocket the cotton woven fabric called canniquin (men's Kimono) is used.

A small organizer from the same Oshima Kimono is attached. Your style will be completed with a Oshima mixed handbag and a small organizer.