Work at atelier - It's Mallorca Omeshi Crépe!

数寄屋袋, Mallorca Kimono Sukiyabukuro

Japanese Kimono doesn't always have the typical Japanese design (Wa-Gara : 和柄). There are a lot of Kimono which are inspired by foreign culture. This Kimono's pattern is inspired by ceramics in Mallorca. The Kimono itself had been produced only for 4 years (from 1959) in Tokamachi of Niigata region during Showa period. The Kimono is named "Mallorca Omeshi (Crépe)" after Mallorca island. Mallorca Omeshi crépe is weaved with mostly flower or bird pattern. The Kimono was produced in Japan with the respect for Western.

The Mallorca Omeshi Crépe Sukiyabukuro is a smaller than our regular Sukiyabukuro. Soft beige color matches the lining in yellow. People might have been thinking of the foreign island in Western Europe where they've never been while they're wearing Kimono?

This Shingenburkuo is very symbolic of Tokamachi Mallorca Omeshi. One big rose is cut out and the small flower pattern is used for the lining.

The could in Japanese design has a special meaning. It is always linked with supernatural power and the symbol of happiness in the future.

It might take some time until we're able to travel overseas again due to current corona situation, but let us wait while wearing nostalgic Mallorca Omeshi...