Work at atelier - New Shingenbukuro with inside pocket!

数寄屋袋, Sukiyabukuro, Kimono

We've created so many Sukiyabukuro till today. Sometimes we got a feedback from our customer regarding their wish. We improved our new items according to customer's request as well as new trend. For these four new Sukiyabukuro, we made an inside pocket. It might be a minor change, but you will realize how useful it is.

This Sukiyabukuro is made from figured satin of Furisode Kimono in Showa period (1926 - 1989). The flower pattern is hand painted. The hand painted pattern is a little bit blurred in the dark orange and it makes the Kimono very beautiful and unique.

The Edokomon Kimono in purple is also used forHandbagand forMoon shaped Juzu Bukuroin the shop. It's very stylish if you collect all items of Edokomon.

The Doro Oshima Kimono is one of our latest items which we released. Thera are alsoHandbag andShingenbukuroin the shop. All items are made from identical Kimono and very pleasant to the eye. Each item will give you a unique style.

The Chirimen crêpe of Haori Coat is used for the mild green Sukiyabukuro. Silk of Haori Coat is used for the lining. It might be a minor change, but the inside pocket is really useful.

You can see more information in our shop. Please check it out.