Our work at atelier - Jizo from waste pieces of kimono

地蔵, Japanese Jizo

We have a lot of waste of pieces of kimono and obi which we used for making handbags recently. We never throw away these waste pieces from vintage cutting clothes. it's our motto of upcycling.

We collected all waste of pieces in the atelier and decided to make Jizo this time. Finished Jizo have different looks with unique kimono. We put Juzu on Jizo's hands. We have finished six Jizo and It makes us so happy if we just look at them.
We've made Jizo from waste pieces several times. This Jizo is actually palm sized. The Jizo we made last time is a little bit smaller and looks like "baby". Of course, they're always cute in any sizes.

地蔵, Japanese Jizo
Jizo made from waste pieces of kimono

We started with making body parts like ear, hand and head... and sew them together at the end. We picked up the kimono by considering which suits the best for each character just like we do for real person.
You can see "Juzu Bukuro" in our last post and find out how you can use Juzu. We got the inspiration from our last work and put Juzu in Jizo's small hands. Jizo looks very cozy on the red Zabuton pillow.

We have more Jizo at atelier and gave them sometimes to the guest who come over. We never made Jizo's face by modeling someone in the real life, but we're often told that our Jizo remind them of their acquaintance.

You can decorate your room with many happy Jizos or just with one. Either way, it makes us always happy to see our handmade items are carefully treated just like as real Jizo sculpture.