Today's new item - two gorgeous Bingata dyed Kinchaku bag

着物 巾着袋 利休袋

We made a kinchaku bag from "Kimono for Jusan mairi (13th birthday celebration)" which was introduced in the previous blog.
A kinchaku is a bag with drawstring which enhances the appearance of kimono, has long been loved by people regardless of fashion trends.
The Kinchaku-tesage bag with a bottom gusset was a favorite of tea ceremony masters and was called "Rikyubukuro. Made of soft materials such as crepe or Furoshiki cloth, it is a very convenient and fashionable bag to carry around whatever shape you want to put inside, by "squeezing" the opening with a string.
Nowadays, bags are made of various materials and come in various sizes and shapes, making them very convenient to use.

We have produced Rikyubukuro and Kinchaku from two types of Bingata-dyed kimonos, a Rikyubukuro with an oval bottom and a small purse with a through gusset. I think that you can fully enjoy the colorful colors of Bingata dyeing and the characteristics of the traditional technique used to make these cloth handbags.

- 01 - Rikyubukuro


Height 20 cm, width 16 cm, bottom 16 cm, opening 29 cm.


The oval bottom is 12 cm long and 16 cm wide, with a hard core, so it will not lose its shape even if a slightly heavy object is placed in it.


- 02 - Kinchakubukuro with bottom gusset


It is 16cm in length, 22cm in width, and 6cm in gusset width. It's a cute small purse.


I think it would be very nice to have it with the Rikyu bag.

This is a tailored version of Himizuya's popular Gassai-bukuro or Shingen-bukuro purse, but we wanted to give it a cute look a little bit more.

The drawstring bag can be carried as it is as a handbag, of course, but it can also be used as a bag-in-bag to organize the contents of a larger bag.

You can find the details in our shop. Please check it out!