Today's new item - Snowflake handbag

着物アップサイクル ハンドバッグ

The first day of spring has passed and I feel like it's a little bit late to make a item with winter motif...We could have made more items if we have found the Kimono with this snowflake motif earlier ?! Anyway, we created a handbag with leather handle. Following the handbag with the bamboo handles we picked up the Meisen Kimono. (Casual clothes for women in Taisho - Showa era)

The big snowflake is designed in the a dark red textile. Compared to the repeat pattern like small flowers, such kind of big pattern makes more bold impression (which I really like). As it's upcycling, we picked up less damaged pieces. Skill and concentration are needed to cut off the available pieces with the required motif in it.

By the way, I like to go out with my Kimono clutch bag from vintage Maru Obi. When I think about the original Kimono, it's been worn often in that time but has no occasion to be worn these day, I feel like I would be a "evangelist" or storyteller who tells the story of the traditional Japanese culture or the background of my works...
Actually I was spoken or asked about the clutch bag when I was underway in the city or neighborhood. Every time when I talke about the upcycled item with somebody, it become good memory for me. It brings me always fun.

I'm happy if the bag would become someone's story.