Work at atelier - Jusan Mairi shrine visit

着物 紅型友禅柄

The hot summer is over and the Mid-Autumn Moon has passed. I hope you were able to see the full moon. With only three months left in this year, it's time to start pushing myself to create more new items.

Today, I'd like to introduce you a lovely children's kimono.
This kimono was worn for the Jusan-mairi (shrine visiting at 13th birthday celebration) in the Showa period (1926-1989). It is likely that this was the first time for a child to wear an adult-sized (hondachi) formal kimono to visit a shrine.
This is a tailoring method called "Hondachi Yotsumi". It's a way of cutting kimono for adults, and shorten the sleeves of Kimonos' shoulders. The meaning of the phrase is "letting the child wear the adults full length Kimono and wishing healthy growth.

This Bingata-dyed kimono is believed to have been used for annual events and practices by a lady of a townhouse.

We're working carefully and wholeheartedly to pass on the many treasures we've received from our predecessors to future generations.

We'll start with the classic Bingata-dyed Komon with gorgeous traditional patterns of flowers, birds, winds, and the moon......what should we make? I'm so excited!