Work at atelier - Golf accessories organizer from upcycled apron!

ゴルフカートポーチ, Golf accessories organizer

Let me introduce our latest work. I made to day a n organizer for golf accessories.
"I wish I could have something like this..." I got a sudden request. I have absolutely no idea what this bag used for since I don't play golf. But I tried to make a golf accessories organizer which is very handy for golf player (So I heard).

The small sized organizer is made from a working apron and the textile is very durable. I used waste clothes of Doro Oshima Kimono as piping. Snap fasteners’s positioning is very unique but again, I don't know how to use it...
I heard also that small inside pockets are useful so I made it as I told...You can put in your smartphone.

Ah, now you see how to use the organizer.
By the way, how about to ask user’s opinion? Was the golf accessories organizer really useful?

"Score card has been digitalized recently. Sometimes I can't find the proper place where to put the score card folder and key etc. Now with this brand-new golf accessories organizer, I can set up alls necessary things and I can concentrate on playing. You don't have to carry your accessories in your trouser's pocket. The small sized organizer is perfect and space saving especially if your companion has also his accessories to carry on the cart. "

Thank you for your feedback. I hope the organizer will be your good buddy!