Our work at atelier - mini kimono by upcycling

Japanese kimono

Transform vintage kimono into the mini sized collection.

We transform the vintage kimono when we find the unique textile before we run out the complete textile. In the meanwhile we have many "mini" kimono in the atelier. You may not size the mini kimono exactly from the picture. They're the palm sized.

We introduced some Sukiyabukuro or juzubukuro before in the atelier. Maybe some of you might have seen these kimono already.

Let me show you some of our favorite collection.

総絞り染め羽織地 - tie dyeing coat in pink

So-shiborizome Haoriji (tie dyeing haori coat)

It's "mini" size but the quality is the same as original. You need a little bit skills to cut the fabrics and match the pattern.

This kimono is made from tie dyeing haori coat. Also used for Handbag&nbspin our last post.

戦前の子供の祝い着 - holiday dress for children around 1943.

Girl's festive dress before WWII

This colorful kimono was the festive dress for child around 1943. You can picture cheerful and happy kids in that time.

昭和初期の付け下げ - women's dress in early Showa period.

Girl's kimono for semi formal occasion

This kimono in pale pink with flowers is made from girl's kimono in early Showa period. It's telling us a lot about the fashion trend in that time.

花嫁の嫁入り道具から見つけた着物 - Kimono of young bride in 1927.

Young bride's kimono in 1927

Personally the last one is my favorite. We found this kimono in the drawers of a young bride around 1927. The yellow flower is very simple but shows us powerfulness of a woman.