Today's new item - Sukiyabukuro from the coat in Showa period

数寄屋袋, Kimono, Obi, Bag

Sukiyabukuro - Small bag

We've made a lot of Sukiyabukuro and each Sukiyabukuro is different. The beauty of Sukiyabukuro is that we can pick up bold textile which makes the bag unique. This time, we choose the vintage Japanese coat for upcycling. Textile is figured satin with juxtaposition tie dyeing pattern and it's very chic in purple. You can use the Sukiyaburkuro as a small bag for daily use.

We selected the bright color for the back. We lined very carefully with silk in pale pink.
It's not visible but you can open & close the flap easily with magnetic closure.

Classic Showa style with figured satin in purple

How about to carry a small bag in winter color? If fits your outfit perfectly with unique textile of satin and silk.